Nordic Music Camp 2024

Kom på camp på Færøerne sammen med en række andre nordiske musikskabere. Ansøgningsfrist 12. februar.

22. januar 2024

You can now apply for the very first edition of this Nordic Music Camp that will take place on the Faroe Islands known for its spectacular nature, scenic landscape, and rich music culture.


The Nordic Music Camp will bring together music creators from all the Nordic countries.

The vision is to strengthen the connection between Nordic music creators and by holding the camp at the Faroe Islands, allow us to enter a creative space away from any daily distractions and to be at one with the surrounding nature and each other. The idea is to give a chance for new collaborations, networking across the Nordic borders and to release music by and for Nordic artists.


Time and place

The camp will take place on 22-27th of April 2024 at the Hotel Nord in Viðareiði, which is where we will also live throughout the duration of the camp.


Application for members of Koda (Denmark, Faroe Islands and Greenland)


If you have any questions about the application, you can contact


Applicants from the other Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Finland) can apply through this form.


Additional info

  • There will be two participants from each Nordic country on the camp.

  • The camp itself will take place on the 23-26th, with arrival the 22nd and departure the 27th or 28th.

  • On the 22nd there will be a sightseeing tour around the Faroe Island, and on the 26th there will be a listening session in Klaksvik Culturehouse “Mentanarhúsið Varpið”.

  • On the 27th it is possible to stay for one more day, where a Faroese talent competition “Sement”, takes place in the capital Thórshavn, by FMX.

  • There is a participant fee of 2.000 DKK. This covers all meals, accommodation, and travel to/from the Faroe Islands. If you live in the Faroe Islands the fee is 1.000 DKK.


If you have any questions you can contact project manager Marie Møller Foged at


The participants are chosen by, Danny Baldursson (FO), Janna Yngwe (SE) and Marie Foged (DK).


Everyone involved in the camp is expected to comply with DPA’s safer space principles.

The project is made possible with funds from Nordisk Kulturfond and Koda Kultur.

Foto: Joánnis Sørensen