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NPU sammen i EU-sag

11. september 2018
De nordiske komponistforeninger i NPU, heriblandt DPA, står sammen om en fælles erklæring om det omdiskuterede "value gap". Vi opfordrer medlemmerne af Europaparlamentet til at stemme ja til det Copyright-direktiv, der er sat til afstemning den 12. september 2018.

Læs den fælles erklæring her:

Joint Nordic statement on value gap

Composers and songwriters from the Nordic countries, here represented by the Nordic Popular Music Authors’ Union (NPU), call upon the European Parliament to adopt the Copyright Directive, including the value gap provision, on 12 September 2018.  
A strong value gap provision is crucial for the livelihood of today’s authors and for future generations of authors. We need a provision that ensures fair remuneration for the content uploaded on online platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. This is the opportunity to improve the financial situation of authors and as such strengthening the European creative community.  
In addition to being crucial for authors, a strong value gap provision will also benefit consumers, which will experience increased legal certainty and qualitative cultural content as a result of a fairer online market. Finally, a value gap provision will create a level playing field for digital service providers and as a result fair competition in the Digital Single Market.  
NPU therefore calls on all Members of European Parliament to not miss the opportunity to strengthen the creative community in Europe and ensure the adoption of the Copyright Directive.  

About NPU:
NPU consists of the following organizations: the Norwegian Society of Composers and Lyricists (NOPA), the Finnish Music Creators (FMC), the Danish Songwriters Guild (DPA), DJBFA / Composers and Songwriters, the Swedish Association of Composers, Songwriters and Lyricists (SKAP) and the Icelandic Society of Authors and Composers (FTT). Together the organizations represent almost 10 000 composers, songwriters and lyricists. The organizations are members of the European Composer and Songwriter Alliance (ECSA). 

Underskrevet af: Ingrid Kindem - NOPA's bestyrelse, Niels Mosumgaard - bestyrelsesformand i DPA, Susi Hyldgaard - bestyrelsesformand i DJBFA, Kaija Kärkinen - FMC's bestyrelse, Alfons Karabuda - SKAPs bestyrelse, Bragi Valdimar Skúlason - FTT/ISACs bestyrelse.

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